Does your Web Hosting Company offer Free Backups?

With so many third parties applications websites and services offering backup and restore services, It can be difficult for the laymen to try and evaluate efficiency and gauge appropriate pricing.

How many people have had their websites either hacked or formed errors due to an update that they didn’t see coming, that destroying relative paths or something that they didn’t understand to their website and needed a restore done. And how many times have these people had to pay sometimes hundreds of dollars to restore the website to the original condition because maybe didn’t notice for a week or two.

Having an offsite backup is paramount, and millions of people from business owners to bloggers to simple entrepreneurs pay hundreds of dollars a year to third-party companies.

As far as we are concerned this should be part and parcel to the hosting company of your choice. A hosting company should be responsible for hosting your ENTIRE website. That includes keeping the site live as well as keeping the appropriate amount of backups required. If you’re dealing with the hosting company that is going to charge you for backups then maybe you’re with the wrong hosting company.

Inside of the cPanel that all of our customers have is what’s called restore manager.

We keep a daily backup to incremental weekly backups and one backup on the first of every month. And the best part is you don’t need to call us or submit a ticket or get a hold of anybody for that matter all you have to do is log into your cPanel select what you want restored select the date and the individual files or databases.




In our system, our customers have access to:
Restore Files
Restore Database
Restore Cron jobs
Restore SSL Cert
Restore Mail
Restore Mail Forwarders
Restore DNS Zone
Restore Domain Aliases
Exclude certain parts of the file system (like other backups)



So if you’re worried about your website getting hacked or whether or not if you update your website you’re going to break it, and you are hosting company charges for backups then maybe you should join us.


Friday, October 14, 2016


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